Do you need a total solution for your business or maybe just a flash app, and a logo?
Our services can be ordered separately or as a complete package.

We have extensive experience in all areas and offer professional solutions tailored to your wishes and needs.

Web solutions

ScandNet offer professional and quality productions. In consultation with the client, we create a customized goal-oriented website that reflects your corporate image.
We discuss your target group, structure the site, create design and layout.
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Film / Video

Film on the website has shown to attract visitors, giving a positive experience and a lasting impression.
A message you want to deliver might just be better on film!
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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique to make a website get as high rank as possible and be placed in the beginning of the results on search engines such as Google.
That is today a must to be able to be visible among the enormous amount of published websites
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Logotype & prints

We do not only produce for the web but also original logotypes, prints such as newspaper advertisments, roll-ups, flyers, letters, business cards etc.
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